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Underground Flat-Top Concrete Shelter

Shelter Recommended For Max Occupancy Width Length Height Price
Flat-Top 2-4 Adults 10 People 5 FT 7 FT 6 FT 2 IN
Large Flat-Top 5-10 Adults 21 People 6 FT 8 IN 10 FT 6 FT 2 IN
  • Flat-Top

    • Max Capacity: 11 People
    • 7 FT×5 FT×6 FT 2 IN
  • Large Flat-Top

    • Max Capacity: 22 People
    • 10 FT×6 FT 8 IN×6 FT 2 IN

Regarding This Tornado Storm Shelter...

"No Deaths & No Injuries... since 1954"

This shelter is a favorite among the masses. It"s for those people that say, "If that tornado wants me, it"ll have pull me out of the ground!".

There are some definite good points about this shelter. It takes up a smaller foot print in the yard than it"s cousin, the slope-front storm shelter. That also makes it easier to install into tight places. It is not as visible as our other shelters and thus can be more visually pleasing.

It is a great shelter at a great price...
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Tested at Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University
American Tornado Shelter Association
***** ATSA CERTIFIED *****
Able to Participate in All Shelter Grant
Programs in the Continental US

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