Concrete Slope Front Storm Shelter

Shelter Capacity Dimensions Price
Best-Value 16 People W: 8 FT × L: 6 FT ×
H: 6 FT 2 IN
Sleeper 22 People W: 10 FT × L: 6 FT 8 IN ×
H: 6 FT 2 IN
  • Best-Value

    • Capacity: 16 People
    • 6 FT×8 FT×6 FT 2 IN
  • Sleeper

    • Capacity: 22 People
    • 6 FT 8 IN×10 FT×6 FT 2 IN

Regarding This Tornado Storm Shelter...

Underground protection without ever having to leave your home!

The Under Garage Storm Shelter is part of a premier line of storm shelters designed to protect the whole family from devastating storms and maintain the highest possible standards for luxury and enjoyment of ownership while giving you protection from the tornado inside your home. This is a huge benefit because 70% of tornadoes occur at night...

With this shelter you won"t have to worry about going outside your home if awoken by a tornado

With one of the Under Garage Storm Shelters inside your home, it will give you the greatest possible protection and peace of mind. You can take comfort in knowing you won"t have to go outside and face the mess caused by the storm.

  • »FEMA Rated for: 16 or 22 Person
  • »Underground: Yes
  • »Handicap Accessible: Will need help
  • »Warranty: 10 Year in Writing

It is a great shelter at a great price...
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Tested at Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University
American Tornado Shelter Association
***** ATSA CERTIFIED *****
Able to Participate in All Shelter Grant
Programs in the Continental US

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Tornado Tough Storm Shelters

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Monday: 8 am - 10 PM

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