Concrete Slope Front Storm Shelter

Shelter Capacity Dimensions Price
Best-Value 16 People W: 8 Ft. × L: 6 Ft. ×
H: 6 Ft. 2 In.
Sleeper 22 People W: 10 Ft. × L: 6 Ft. 8 In. ×
H: 6 Ft. 2 In.
  • Best-Value

    • Capacity: 16 People
    • Dimensions: 6 Ft. × 8 Ft. × 6 Ft. 2 In.
    • Price:
  • Sleeper

    • Capacity: 22 People
    • Dimensions: 6 Ft. 8 In. × 10 Ft. × 6 Ft. 2 In.
    • Price:

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Regarding This Tornado Storm Shelter...

"No Deaths & No Injuries... since 1954."

This tornado storm shelter is our most popular style, and is definitely our least expensive. It offers the most shelter for the $$$. 

There have been no recorded deaths or injuries in one of these shelters in the approximately 60,000 of these storm shelters that have been installed over the last 60 years, despite the fact that hundreds of EF5 tornadoes have pummeled them with +250 mile/hr winds and huge debris. The walls, ceiling, face, & floor are all steel re-bar reinforced in accordance with the established concrete engineering standards set on 12 inch centers. It has a gas shock to make the door safe and easy to lift. The door is also lockable with a pad lock. This shelter has always and will always meet or exceed FEMA tornado protection guidelines.

There is enough room to sleep in this shelter. It seems like EVERYBODY loves this shelter...

  • »FEMA Rated for: 16 or 22 Person
  • »Underground: Yes
  • »Handicap Accessible: Will need help
  • »Warranty: 10 Year in Writing

It is a great shelter at a great price...
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Tested at Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University
BBB A Rating
Certified By:
American Tornado Shelter Association

Available for all Storm Shelter Grants in the Continental US
GoDaddy Verified and Secured


Tornado Tough Storm Shelters

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Tuesday: 8 AM - 8 PM

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